14 October 2012

My interface

My approach to my User Interface in World of Warcraft is have a unified and consistent design as to where I place everything.  This allows me to swap between my various alts without too much difficulty.  
Having played a hunter from Vanilla through Wrath I like lots and lots of buttons.  It also gives me space for additional macros.  You can say I am addicted to buttons and macros.  I actually can barely play without a bar mod.  
My next design principle is to smaller addons wherever possible.  Each addon was picked for a specific purpose to address specific needs.  
The layout for the unit frames is fairly classic, I leave a large open space below my character to keep an eye on the floor to head off its next attempt at my life.  

Addon Control panel
I have spoken at length concerning Addon Control panel, set a profile for auctions and one for dungeons/raids/PVP.  Turn off your auction suites when you do not need them.

I run this to keep track of alts, inventory and to provide an always on data source for my auction suite.

Makes tradechat more bearable.  

Lightweight cast bar addon that includes latency.  

Lightweight bufftimer.  

Adds coordinates to your map, useful for when you are trying to find a quest item or vendor.

deadly boss mods
Technically you can raid without a boss mod, but why would you?  

My button bar addon of choice.  Easy to config and clean looking.  

graph paper
This puts a grid across your screen so you can line up each of your addons just perfectly.  Great for the OCD among us.  

Hear Kitty
Plays sound clips when you gain charges on a character.  I use it to track Maelstrom weapon charges on my shaman.  Much better than watching the bar fill up.

Keep track of who has threat.  In my opinion it is as important for DPS to have this as tanks.  

Ovale Spell Priority
Since i play a lot of alts, I cannot always remmember the various rotations/priority systems for my characters.  Ovale Spell Priority helps remind me.  Think of this as training wheels.

Shadowed unit frames
My current favorite Unit frame addon.  I love the clean minimal look.  

Lightweight square map addon.  Sexy map does a lot more, and takes more memory to run.  

Sunn Art Panel
Pushes the gamespace into a “viewport” so my buttons are not covering up the ever dangerous floor.  

Tidy Plates
The default name plates are too big and distracting.  My OCD will not let me play wit them on, but with this set to 50% I can.  So much better.  

Tiny DPS
Another lightweight choice for a DPS meter.  Tracks DPS, Heals, etc just like recount.  Takes much less resources unlike recount.  

Xan Chat
Does one thing, puts the typing line at the top of the chat window.  

Other addons included for completeness:


Hydra - Multibox Leveling Helper


09 October 2012

UI themes

Set up themes within your UI to indicate when you have all of your Auction house and crafting addons loaded and when you have your questing and dungeon running addons loaded.  
This is easy to accomplish with Addon Control panel.  Just select what addons you use for each task and save them as a profile within Addon Control panel.  
I use EliteFrame to indicate when I am in crafting mode and Shadowed Unit Frames for dungeons and raids. 

Crafting Mode

Questing Mode

02 October 2012

Reevaluate your pricing

Everyone should periodically check their default prices and fall backs against their markets to see if adjustments are necessary.   Look up the prices of several items that you that you routinely trade in, and check their pricing history on the Undermine Journal.  I would suggest looking at the range of prices and divvy it up into thirds.  Place your pricing in the lower third if you have a lot of stock and want to reduce the time it takes to post and repost it.  Set your pricing in the upper third if you either do not have a lot of stock, and the item is not sold in large quantities on your server to maximize profits per sale.  Of course you can set your prices in the middle third to balance between the two.

27 September 2012

Slowed down, but not stopped

Work and RL has me a bit overwhelmed at the moment.  I have not been able to log in as much as I would care to lately.  I have not even logged in on my newly rolled Pandaren Monk yet.  More importantly I have not been able to talk to friends in game as they are the main spark that drives article other than expounding upon what I do in game.  I hope to soon be able to regroup and posts will go forward. 

Thank you for your paticience through this.


25 September 2012

Gnomish Army Knife

Gnomish Army Knife
Item Level 71

Use: An engineer with at least 350 skill can overload the knife's battery and attempt to shock a dead ally back to life.  Cannot be used in combat. (30 Min Cooldown)
+10 Mining
+10 Herbalism
+10 Skinning
"Includes Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor, Arclight Spanner, Nose Picker, Blacksmithing Hammer, Back Scratcher, and Whirly Thing."

For leveling characters with gathering professions through the new expansion, I strongly encourage you to carry one of these slick little items.  It takes the place several tools, giving you back bag space, and a bonus to your gathering skill.  

Thinking others may think along the same lines, I made several and listed them on my auction house.  I also picked up one significantly below the costs to create and re-listed it as well. 

24 September 2012

Zero day preparation

With each expansion I have typically rolled at least one new character for the expansion.  This allows me to experience the game and enjoy the leveling process again.  To keep leveling enjoyable and make sure it does not become too much of a grind prior to the expansion coming out I usually collect a few items for my new character.  

For cataclysm I knew I would be rolling and leveling a goblin shaman.  Below is my check list of the items I collected for this character.  

Goblin Shaman:
Heirloom mail shoulders
Heirloom mail chest
Heirloom hammer
Heirloom hammer
crusader enchant x 2
Frostweave bags x 4
Stacks of Wrath-era epic red gems

For Mists of Pandaria I am planning on rolling and leveling a Pandaren Monk.  Since I am absolutely pants at healing, I will likely be leveling my pandaren as MDPS and a Tank.  

Pandaren Monk:
Heirloom leather shoulders
Heirloom leather chest
Burnished warden Staff
Stacks of Wrath-era epic red gems
Embersilk bag x 4
Agility enchant for two hander

The stack of Wrath-era epic red gems is fill out the slots in the blue quality items that will be picked up in the outland dungeons in Hellfire Peninsula.  On my shaman I remember getting a pair of legs that had 3 sockets.  This item did not need to be replaced until late in Wrath content.  This along with the heirloom items makes leveling go quickly.  If you have access to the Guild heirlooms by all means incorporate them into your leveling checklist. 

21 September 2012

Product review - Ultimate Horde Recipe Collection (ver.0.20)

Last week I finally after listening to the Power Word: Gold podcast I decided to pick up Faid’s Ultimate Horde Recipe Collection guide at ClockworkRiot.  Now I will start off by saying I had a little trouble buying the guide via GumRoad.  This was not GumRoad fault, in fact it was my own as I run my browsers with No Script blocking all background scripts.  I had selectively enabled several scripts to make the purchase.  Unfortunately at a critical point another script block indicator came up, and I enabled it causing the site to reload.  This meant I was not able to automatically download the product.  I am very pleased to say that all it took to resolve was a simple email to Faid.  She was able to validate that I had purchased the guide and sent it directly to me via email.  A big thank you to Faid for helping me out.

So what do you get?

Basically Faid has collected a list of limited availability recipes and patterns you can pick up very inexpensively and relist on the Auction House.  While you can spend time in game or on WoWHead gathering this information, she has provided it all in a very convenient format.  To further provide value this guide includes the coordinates of every vendor and a set of TomTom waypoints to quickly take you through the continents and outland collecting your recipes and patterns.  

Finally she wraps it up with some advice in regards to pricing.  The guide is well worth the low price she is offering it for.  My only regret is I did not pick up the two for one package, with Horde and Alliance.  I do not normally play Alliance characters, but I will likely pick up her alliance guide next time I feel compelled to roll a kitten smuggler.